A summary of Our Class Novel ‘Friend or Foe’ so far………..

31 Aug

There is a boy called David who is evacuated, he gets sent to Devon. On the train David was nervous about where he was going to go.Then they went to a town hall to get picked, he was sitting beside Tucky, they were the last ones left and there was no one in the town hall just them and the people at registration.Then a man called Mr Reynolds came in and took them both back to his house.He lived in a cottage on a farm and they had to share a room.Mr Reynolds is married to Mrs Reynolds.

By Lachlan and Alastair G.



Union Jack Flags

30 May

While some of the boys were away, competing in a football match, the rest of the class had to use problem solving skills to create a piece of art work.  They created a Union Jack flag in the style of a stained glass window!

To do this, they needed:

  • Lots of glitter (blue, red and silver – thank you so much to the nursery, P1 and P2/3 classes for lending us some glitter!!)
  • The sticky, see through material used to cover books
  • Black paper
  • Wool.

Have a look at the photos!!  They had so much fun doing this and their pictures look fantastic!!  Roll on the Jubilee!! 🙂

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“To Compete on English Soil, We Train on Argentine Soil”

8 May

Today…P4/5 looked a little bit at the Falklands war to give us a little bit of a background into why this statement is so controversial!!  This statement was put at the end of an Argentine TV advert showing an Argentine Olympic hockey captain training for the Olympics.  Not only is this statement very controversial, but the advert showed something very naughty which caused the boys and girls in this class to have a very strong opinion against it. 

Have a look at the 90 second advert and tell me what you think about it!

To Compete on English Soil, We Train on Argentine Soil.  

P4/5’s Taekwondo Champion!!

27 Mar

I went to a Taekwondo competition on Mother’s Day through in Kinloss, which is near Forres, and I won a trophy.  I came 2nd place and I was so happy.  I had to fight for two minutes to earn points.  I also felt nervous but excited before I went on.  I can’t wait until the next competition in August.  The people at the competition were high as kites!!

By Shannon.

Buddy Beetle Drive!

20 Mar

As our topic on Insects is coming to an end, P4/5 decided they would have a beetle drive with their buddy class, the P2’s. 

We split the class in half.  One half stayed with Mrs Vass and the other half went to Ms Mackenzie.  Everyone had so much fun.  The P4/5’s were really supportive towards their buddies and the P2’s seemed to have lots of fun!

Have a look at some of our photos!!

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I Need a Hero…!!!

19 Mar

P4/5 were the bravest class EVER today!!  They were the first class of Milton of Leys to do a class assembly…and what an assembly it was!!!  We had some very famous people at the assembly – the Ghostbusters, Bat Girl and Superman!!!  The class received amazing feedback from all the classes…and it was well deserved.

The theme of the assembly was ‘heroes’.  They showed all the boys and girls that you don’t need to be a superhero to be a hero.  So long as you have an excellent character, courage and you’re someone people look up to…then you can be a hero!

Mrs Vass quoted, “I am so incredibly proud of my class.  What pleased me the most was the number of children that have grown in confidence since the start of the year.  So many of these children volunteered to take on a speaking part in the class assembly, and they all made me really, really proud!! “

What did you think of the assembly?!!  Please leave your comments!!

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Tree Planting!

14 Mar

Milton of Leys Primary were lucky enough to receive over 400 trees to plant.  This meant, every child at the school had the opportunity to plant a tree today.  Even although it was incredibly cold out at the MUGA, it was still a really exciting time!!

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